Blade Probe Cards

- This technology implies the installation of BLADE probes by soldering directly to the board. This facilitates installation and production speed of the product, but limits the use of a large number of probes

- After assembling and cleaning a probe card it can be covered by additional protective layer. That layer imrooves water resistant properties, resistance and isolation of the end product.

Table of standard parameters:

Parameter Value
X-Y probe positioning (µm) <±10
Planarity (µm) <12
Pad pitch (µm) <70
Pad size (µm) min 45х50
Accuracy for the working height provided (mm) ±0.25

• Excellent longevity
• Excellent probes planarity and X, Y alignment
• Low tip wear
• Pitch below 70 (µm)
• Probe and PCB material
• Needle materials: Tungsten (W), Tungsten Rhenium (WRe), Beryllium Copper (BeCU) and Palladium alloy (Pd)
• Stable Contact Resistance (Cres)
• Leakage in the pA range

• Mixed signals
• Analog signals
• Digital signals
• Contact on BGA-balls
• Flip chip
• Memory
• LEDs
• SoC/Logic
• LCD Driver
• Microprocessor
• CMOS Image Sensor
• Ceramic substrates
• other devices