"Aktagor-Telecom" JSC

- Aktagor Telecom JSC develops and manufactures contact devices with fixed topology of probes (Cantilever Probe Cards) for probe monitoring.

- Cantilever Probe Cards are used in electronic test systems for making electrical contact with the circuits on the semiconductor wafer.

- We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing Cantilever Probe Cards of various types and complexity. Our specialists work closely with you at all stages, starting from the initial contact, coordination, design and manufacture. We use the latest software and reliable equipment at the design and manufacturing stages.

- Our achievements and a large information base collected for decades gives us the opportunity to provide you with a product of high quality and reliability.

- The technology of building contact devices based on specially developed software guarantees high accuracy of the probe head assembly.

- Each card manufactured by the company undergoes quality control on the latest Applied Precision equipment, which is used by 90% of our customers.

- Contact us and we will assist you in placing an order so that you can receive your product as soon as possible.